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Psychological Testing and Evaluations
Comprehensive psychological evaluations are often sought to clarify diagnosis, determine the parameters of one's functioning (e.g., intelligence and learning difficulties), and guide treatment/service planning.  At Advanced Behavioral Solutions, we offer testing for people of ages 3 and older in several domains relevant to psychological functioning, including:

  • Cognitive/Intellectual
  • Personality
  • Emotional
  • Behavioral
  • Social
  • Academic
  • ​Neuro-Psychological
  • Vocational/Career 
  • Adaptive Functioning

Psychological evaluations yield an objective description of one's abilities, including strengths and weaknesses, which can be compared to current functioning to determine the presence of a disorder. Additionally, the results of such assessment greatly assist in intervention planning by providing individualized, detailed recommendations for home and school environments.  

We customize a testing battery tailored to meet the clients needs, conduct the assessment, gather other relevant data from collateral resources, synthesize and interpret data, and write a comprehensive report with specific recommendations to remediate any identified problems.  At the end of the process, the examiner holds a feedback session ​to present the results of the report and to explain the recommendations to answer the question, "What now?".
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