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Vocational Assessment, Planning, and Career Counseling
Vocational Assessment
Career Counseling
The Vocational Assessment, Planning, and Career Counseling Department offers help to:

  • Working professionals who are seeking career advice or considering a career/job change;
  • High school students who are unsure of post-secondary plans who need insight into potential degrees, training, certificates, or college majors they should pursue;
  • College students who are questioning their choice of major or who are unsure what career would fit their interests, personality, and talents. 

ABS works with individuals to closely personalize a vocational assessment by beginning with a planning session.  The individual can choose from a variety of assessments that would help clarify careers, jobs, and post-secondary/college options that best fit his/her personality style, interests, and abilities.   After the assessment is completed, the clinician provides a brief written report summarizing the results, and presents the results to the individual.  Specific recommendations are provided to set the individual on the right path toward success.  
People seeking guidance or advice on job transitions, employment-related stress, or other vocational issues are welcome to seek career counseling services, in which a doctoral-level clinician works closely with the individual and his or her family as needed to help meet the individual's needs.  Career counseling is a great resource for individuals who are feeling "stuck" in their current career, unsatisfied with their job, or who are unemployed and seeking work.