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Train Your Brain!
(Executive Functioning Groups)
Who:  Children and teens who struggle with planning and organization (academically and personally), do poorly on tests, spend hours completing homework, experience memory or comprehension difficulties, are unmotivated and/or overwhelmed with school. Students with learning difficulties such as deficits in visual memory, auditory processing, expressive/receptive language, or attention and concentration issues.

The Executive Functions are a set of mental processes that help children and adolescents plan, organize, strategize, pay attention, memorize details, and manage time, space, and tasks. Since executive functions are basically the CEO of our brains, when deficits are identified in this area, kids and teens demonstrate mild to severe difficulties that impact all areas of their lives. To help find solutions, Advanced Behavioral Solutions has created a fun approach to traditional tutoring in which kids and teens learn to exercise these parts of their brains in an effort to gain control and get them back on track toward success, both academically and personally.

**An Initial Assessment is required to gather critical information about your child/teen, evaluate past psychological testing, review IEP/504 plans, and discuss specific goals and objectives so that the group may be tailored to individual needs!

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